Allyson Gardner, MSW/RSW, is an experienced Child and Family Therapist, Collaborative Family Professional, Separation and Divorce Consultant, and a Custody and Access Assessor. Allyson, who is trained in Narrative, Solution-Oriented and Mindfulness-Based Therapy Strategies, operates an established private practice and is a panel member with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

Allyson mindfully assists her clients in identifying strategies to cope with the emotional challenges that arise during the separation process and provides tools to help them in communicating their interests more effectively. She assists parents in developing comprehensive, balanced, and realistic parenting plans. As a trained Collaborative Family Professional, Allyson neutrally facilitates parent/lawyer meetings and manages the range of emotions that may surface during discussions.

Allyson understands that, from time to time, people are in need of help to overcome the challenges in their lives. Her hope is to support people as they work through their difficulties and help them to develop and use effective skills and/or tools to navigate life's challenges.

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