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Allyson Gardner, MSW/RSW, is an experienced Child and Family Therapist, Collaborative Family Professional, Separation and Divorce Consultant, and a Custody and Access Assessor. Allyson, who is trained in Narrative, Solution-Oriented and Mindfulness-Based Therapy Strategies, operates an established private practice and is a panel member with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

Areas of Focus

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Family Law Practice
  • Child Custody Evaluations / Custody and Access Assessments
  • Voice of the Child Report
  • Therapy for Parent-Child Contact Problems
  • Therapy

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Family Law Practice

Collaborative Family Law works toward principled, negotiated and interest-centred settlements that prevent the need to litigate in court and/or the threat to do so.

Child Custody Evaluations
Custody & Access Assessments

Child custody evaluations are conducted for the courts and the families, with the focus being on the best interests of the children.

Voice of the Child Reports

A Voice of the Child Report can be a useful, expeditious and cost-efficient way of allowing the perspectives of children to be shared, and can promote settlement.

Therapy for Parent-Child Contact Problems

When there has been a history of little or no contact between a parent and children, Allyson can work to build or rebuild the relationship between them.


With well over 20 years of experience, Allyson Gardner provides individual, family, couple and child therapy.


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